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Almost Through

A video shot pretty much in the last few hours. I was training with some friends today and I realized that its not about looking cool and hucking flips, its about your own style and making your movements unique. Some people find that harder than others and it is something you have to overcome as a person and as a traceur. Save your knees and dont do unnessisary flips! Just go out and love movement!

Oh and the reason its called Almost Through is because I am almost through my other sports. I am off to nationals for XC skiing and I am stoked to meet people in Minniapolis! After that, I will be onto parkour and biking so be ready to come and train!
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Knox’s 2012 sampler filmed by Billy ‘Skipper’ Hughes of SkipperFilms Productions. Filmed with a Canon T2i using a combination of a steadicam and a shoulder mount with a 10-22 and a zoom lens. I hope you enjoy the erratic noises, flips, jumps, and of course all of the falls.
– Knox

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NYPK New York Parkour (Parkour and Freerunning)

NYPK was founded in 2005 as one of the first local sites to be established in America. It started out as a way to bring the community together to train, and has since grown to a company that does everything from parkour classes and workshops to professional media work.

This video is a showcase of NYPK’s Representative team, featuring traceurs (in order of appearance):
Trevor Ray (
Zachary “Zee” Maller (
Joseph Best (
Mike “Pyro” Araujo
Jose “Vertical” Jimenez (
Jarrell “Rell” Jones
Thomas Dolan (
Arfel Villanueva
Jesse Danger

Edited by Thomas Dolan
Song: Android Porn by Kraddy. Cut and mixed by Thomas Dolan

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